1. First Steps

    Everything began with processing a sold ireon in a small atelier for 4,5 m2 in 1978. İbrahim Polat said that “I have dreams.” and established Polat Makina.

  2. Industrialization

    Polat Makina became legal entity in 1993 and obtained the title of “Polat Makina Sanayi A.Ş” in 1994. The business facility succeeded to provide the most superior solution with the most reasonable cost for its customers.

  3. Polat Tarım was established

    Polat Tarım was established in 2001 as a sample facility. Polat Tarım which provides service as a R&D Center as well aims the world standards in product and service quality and continues its works.

  4. Polat Grup Redüktör (PGR) was established

    By harmonizing experience with the technology, Polat Grup Redüktör (PGR), one of the Polat Group companies which has become the leading brand in reducers field in Turkey was established in 1998. It became legal entity in 2004.

  5. Oya Fıdancılık was established

    Oya Fidancılık A.Ş which was started as a hobby garden but then transformed into a major facility thanks to the commercial intelligence of İbrahim Polat, the President of Polat Group Board of Directors.

  6. Polat Makina GR. A.E. was established in Greece

    Having adopted the principle of “Tomorrow will be today one day.” as a route map for himself, İbrahim Polat directed his direction towards abroad. Polat Gr. A.E. was established in Greece.

  7. Polat Sarl. was established in Morocco

    In order to expand our market presence in North Africa our Morocco office has been opened.

  8. We opened our offices in Italy and Germany

    In order to expand our activities on the European market Polat S.R.L. was established in Italy, and PGR GMBH was established in Germany.

  9. Polat Group Holding has been founded

    In December, 2019, in order to bring all our companies under one roof Polat Group Holding has been founded.