Mission, Vision & Values

Polat Group Holding, which was founded in 1978 by İbrahim Polat in Aydın, has adopted the principle of continuous development with its employees and to satisfy its customers by offering products and services of universal quality and standards.

Polat Group Holding, a leader in the machinery, reducer and arboriculture in Turkey, also operates in the field of agriculture and olive oil. Polat Group Holding, which started its journey in a 4.5 m2 workshop in Aydın, today continues with 13 group companies, 9 domestic and 4 abroad, 11 dealers and distributors in more than 80 countries strives to be the “best” in quality, service and customer relations. Today, it produces practical solutions for many different sectors, aiming to use science and technology to the fullest. As a leader in the machinery, reducer and arboriculture in Turkey; it has a considerable position in the world as well.

Polat Group Holding continues to work with a staff of nearly 1000, located on an area of 88,000 m2. With its recent investments, major changes are planned in the field of activity and staff.


“To be the first that comes to mind and be preferred by making a difference.”

Our Mission

“To carry out all support processes proactively in order to make customer satisfaction sustainable and to be a pioneer in every field”

Our Policies

  • To protect and maintain Polat Group culture and values,
  • To be fair, well-intentioned and transparent in our relations with all our stakeholders,
  • To implement empathy-based teamwork in all our processes,
  • To use effective, accessible and open communication methods in our activities and to ensure sustainability,
  • To see and develop our employees as a value, to create career opportunities and to gain their engagements,
  • To make continuous development based on inquiry and research a part of our business processes in order to do our job better,
  • Considering the total benefit principle in our activities,
  • To adhere to data security and privacy in all our processes.