Corporate Human Resources

As Polat Group, our strength originates from our determinant and dynamic team mates who commit themselves to the group, look after the values, are aware of their liabilities and focus on collective success and believe constant improvement and act with sensitivity towards the environment and the society in the journey of creating sustainable success stories and coming to the forefront in the competition.

Based on the changing needs, expectations and best applications for all employees with whom we are writing our success story and will shape the future together, we shape our success story in line with the Human Resources applications which we manage in a dynamic structure and Polat Group strategies.

The foundation of Polat Group Human Resources policy consists of

  • Reciprocal trust and respect,
  • Attaching importance for human and information,
  • Prioritizing occupational health and safety,
  • Acting with the vision of constant improvement,
  • Integrating the digitalization and technology with the business activities,
  • Providing objective assessment and opportunity equivalence,
  • Participation of employees in the management,
  • Supporting and encouraging development,
  • Encouraging the innovation and revelation of potential,
  • Competency and performance based development and rewarding principles.