10 February, 2020

“Digital Transformation” journey is still ongoing in Polat

PGR has made a digital transformation attempt and welcomed a difference experience with a new generation ERP solution through SAP S/4HANA.

“Digital Transformation” journey is still ongoing in Polat

While the tempo of the business world is increasing, the workload of ERP system increases as well. Speed, agility and innovation capability are required to compete. PGR which has focused on this issue made an attempt for digital transformation and took its first step to adapt SAP S / 4HANA into its system on 21 December 2019.

Digital Transformation Project which will be launched for all departments of Polat Group to create a better customer and employee experience was introduced in launching meeting where SAP Turkey partners participated.

Project supporters, firstly Ibrahim Polat, the President of Board of Directors of Polat Group, Olcay Polat, Executive Board Member who is responsible for Polat Group Reducer, Volkan Polat, the General Manager of Polat Makina, Neclet Demir, the General Manager of PGR, Rıza Korkut Özdemir, General Manager of Polat Group Holding and Lütfi Polat, Board of Directors Member who is responsible for Technical Services presented their speeches including their expectations from the project before the presentations of SAP authorities in the launching.

Following the speeches of project supporters, SAP authorities from well-known firms in their own sectors presented their project promotion presentations. Following the presentations, photos were taken and launching cake was cut.

S/4HANA which has an innovative and agile structure provides solutions under a single roof for all needs of the institutions. It brings all business processed under a single source and catches new opportunities in changing market conditions and provides opportunity to meet the changing demands and come to the forefront in the competition.

SAP S/4HANA help in turning challenges of the digital era into brand-new opportunities. New generation ERP solution makes trying new business models in a more flexible way possible and accelerates application development and facilitates cooperations. SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA provide real-time analytics to support the processes of taking decisions thanks to its database.

Traditional data storage and management systems cannot carry the load of data traffic which continues to flow through high speed. Especially the hard disk based storage infrastructures create a bottleneck for transmitting and processing the data. In this case, trying to use the best corporate business applications on such systems is like being stuck on the bridge traffic in a brand new sport car.

Thanks to SAP S/4HANA, Polat Group aims to enable the creation and registration of digital trace of each datum and activity realized, to increase the efficiency through the systems which will produce information and value from such data and add value to the sector and national economy by developing the service which it provides for its business partners.


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